Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For those of you who still shamelessly check into my blog even though I haven't posted anything since MAY, here you are...something new for your reading pleasure.

The company I work for has started a blog...oh no! fncreative.blogspot.com Our administrative assistant is now taking pictures of everything, and writing down everything EVERYONE says in the office. So far...it's humiliating. I've been exposed for not wanting to answer the phones, having my neck meat removed, AND moving upstairs from THE CAVE. ...at least I haven't been video taped on the slider cycle. ...see blog for video.

At any rate...it's made the office, not more fun, but maybe a little more self monitored...sometimes a good thing. I hope I don't resort to just shutting my office door.

More posts to come...I've had a busy summer!