Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby, we're READY!!!

Ok, so not really, but we do at least have a place for our little baby girl to rest her head.

I just noticed how funny this picture is because it looks like it's cropped off, but really it's just a white wall on the left of the room. Thanks to hubby for putting together the crib. It even has a mattress in it now, and a darling little stuffed Serta Sheep. Now we just have paint, curtains, bedding...oh, pretty much everything else. Any volunteers to paint? :) We've already taped the ceiling. ha ha

More Clearance Items

Following are more products. I am also including an Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag of your choice with every purchase. First come, first choice. Some are cute, some just useful. ;)

Spare Soles, perfect for weddings, nights out, any time your high heel shoes are killing you, take them off and slip into this skid-proof shoes, washable, and come with a carrying case.
Originally $25 Clearance $10 Also come in black.

Lip Plumpers Originally $14 Clearance $7ea.

Kabuki, Eyeliner or shadow brush Originally $10 Clearance $5

Excellent Makeup Remover Originally $18 Clearance $9

Vegan Lip Balm Originally $16 Clearance $8

Couldn't rotate picture...oops. Blush/Shadow Originally $18 Clearance $9

originallly $14 Clearance $7 Overshadow ...shimmery, super pretty
3 Different colors Price is per shadow.

Retail $18 Clearance, below wholesale $5ea. Kids cups

These pajamas retail at Nordstrom for over $80 Clearance $36 for the top and bottom.
The shorty shorts are separate and retail for $25+ Clearance $12

Come on Over...

I have had a couple of requests to come over to my home to try on clothes...I am more than happy to schedule that with anyone. Just give me a call. If you don't have my number, please email me at stateofhype (at) and we can work out the details. I will also be posting spare soles, and makeup soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

State of Hype Clearance Sale

I am blowing out my inventory at wholesale prices. I have included images and prices. If you are interested in anything I have, please let me know. I take check, cash and paypal. I can also ship anything. Click on any image to make it larger. I have several sizes in each item.


Men's shorts Originally $32 Clearance $15

Originally $36 Clearance $18
Turtleneck sweater shirt
Comes in black, dark purple, and charcoal

Men's shirt Originally $25 Clearance $12

Originally $36 Clearance $18

Originally $56 Clearance $28

Lauren Conrad Collection Originally $140 Clearance $70

Originally $36 Clearance $18

Originally $30 Clearance $15

Originally $36 Clearance $18

Originally $25 Clearance $13

Originally $25 Clearance $13