Thursday, November 6, 2008

Candy 'holics!

So...yes, you might thing that this is out of control...and it IS!!! For those of you who don't know, you can get amazing deals on treats right after Halloween. I went to Harmon's in Draper, which by the way, is the COOLEST grocery store ever. It is well worth the extra two minutes difference between going there, and going to the Albertson's in Lehi...but I'll tell you all about it in another blog... back to the candy. So...I wander down the leftover Halloween aisle only to see that all Halloween candy is on sale for $1-$2 a bag. Kenny was with me and I suggested we buy a few thing I know, we are $34 poorer...but I think we did buy some dishwashing detergent as well. :) ...but think about this...we are $29 richer in treats. you can see from this picture, if you ever have a sweet tooth, swing on by. I have it in my food storage, because I strongly believe that you can live off sugar alone for several years. ....which also brings me to my next it ever a good deal to buy things just because they are on sale, knowing that you probably don't really need them? I have been trying to be a bargain shopper lately, but have been noticing that I buy things I don't 15 boxes of cereal because it's only $1.50 a 10 2liter bottles of soda because it's free with a mail in rebate... When is bargain shopping really a bargain? or do you find that it just makes you spend more money on things you don't need?


Would anyone be interested in either hosting or going to a glitter toe party? For those of you who don't know what glitter toes are, here is a picture...

You can choose for a bunch of different cute, and festive for the Holidays. I would love your feedback.