Friday, February 13, 2009


Girl's Night In has been canceled due to a severe lack of interest. Maybe I'll try to do it again, but only if anyone shows any interest at ALL. :)

Love ya ladies. Have a great Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I HATE COOKING...but love to eat!

I have a new's It is just recipes. A lot of you have asked me for various recipes over the years. They can now be found on this blog. Check it out!


"There are 280-plus Trader Joe’s in more than 23 states, each one crammed with hard-to-find items, such as imported cheeses, exotic meats, international labels and organic produce. In keeping with the laid-back attitude, the staff wears retro Hawaiian shirts." tell me why there are 280+ stores and NOT A SINGLE ONE IN UTAH!!! ok, so there isn't one in Utah, but there are TWO in Las, off I go to Trader Joes. We're heading down to Vegas next week, and this will be one of my first stops. I love Trader Joes. Their cranberry, oatmeal dunkers are to die for.

Because there isn't a Trader Joes nearby, every time I go, I have to stock up. My aunt sent a Trader Joes care package to my parents recently...I'm not going to lie, I was JEALOUS! Delicious dunkers, star shaped orange anise cookies, three cheese pasta sauce, oh Trader Joes, I heart you.
If anyone has a special Trader Joes request, please let me know what it is by this Saturday, February 14th, and I'll pick it up for you.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Friday, February 13th is OFFICIALLY(by me) Girl's Night In!

My friend, Nicole, is coming over to do Glitter Toes. She is FANTASTIC! The charge for the glitter toes is $25, but if you book a party with her, she will give you $5 off.

Even if you don't want glitter toes...please come. We'll put on a chick flick, play games, eat food and just enjoy each others company. Everyone is invited, but if you want your toes done, please RSVP by Wednesday. If enough people RSVP we'll have another nail artist here to make sure everyone's toes can get done.

What better way to spend the night before Valentine' Day than by prepping your peepers for the SPECIAL DAY! Your guy will love them....probably even want to lick your cute little toes ;) if you're into that.