Saturday, October 17, 2009're so perfect!

I love all of your dark hair and how it sticks up straight off your head like a baby monkey. I love the way you grunt in between feeding. You secretly sneak your thumb because you know mom doesn't want you to. And when I catch you, you look at me like, "what mom?" I think it's funny how you already sneeze and snore like your daddy. And it melts my heart how you sleep on dad's chest for hours. You're such a good baby, only barely crying when you're hungry or when we take your diaper off. You're belly button fell off this week, and it made me a little sad because you're already growing so fast. Dad likes to change your outfits and already has his favorites. Mom thinks you look adorable in everything. Although mommyhood is much harder than I imagined...I wouldn't trade it for anything.