Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok, so I get the feeling that you all didn't like my subtle announcement, it confused some of you. So, here is the BIG announcement:

For those of you who don't know, we weren't "supposed" to be able to have kids. We have been married almost 4 years, with no luck, and then all of a sudden, uh, HELLO...missed period, 2 negative pregnancy tests, 3 positive pregnancy tests, one ultra sound showing NOTHING, one ultrasound showing something, and two blood tests indicating that my blood levels are doubling, oh, and lots of nausea and sore ta tas. So, here I am, still in shock myself...and completely knocked up. :) We are so excited, not out of the woods yet, but praying that everything will be ok with the baby and that it can continue to grow and be healthy. I have a Dr's appointment on Monday and will keep everyone updated on what happens. We were told we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at that appointment. I am about 2 - 2 1/2 months along. They aren't quite sure. Anyway, that's for all of the well-wishes. We are excited to share this exciting time in our lives with all of our friends and loved ones. And I'm super excited about becoming EXTRA EXTRA Large. All I can say is...after this baby is born, it's HCG shots and some hard core workouts. It's funny, because I was just starting to lose weight...ok, that's not that funny. I've actually cried a couple of times about it.

Monte Carlo - Las Vegas

Can I just say...the Monte Carlo I am not a fan of. A year ago we went to Las Vegas and had reservations at the Monte Carlo, but a couple of weeks before we were supposed to leave, the Monte Carlo caught on fire. Fortunately for us, they recolated us to The Signature at the MGM Grand. It is an amazing hotel. Well, not being able to afford The Signature this time around, we settled on the Monte Carlo again. Since we didn't stay there last year, we thought we'd give it a chance this year. Well...that was a BIG MISTAKE! We checked in around 5:00p.m. We had reserved 1 king bed, and our friends had as well. We both get to our separate rooms, and there were 2 Queen beds. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you are used to sleeping in a king, and your husband is 6'4, it's kind of a big deal. We went back to the front desk and they got us 2 more rooms with king beds...but on separate floors, oh well, no big deal. So Kenny and I have been in our room for about 10 minutes when we smell pot coming through the door that separates our room from the room next door. Keep in mind we are on a non-smoking floor. So, I call the front desk, who turns me over to security. They come up to our room...they can't smell anything. Are you kidding me? It's seeping into our room. So, they leave, and then the cigarette smoke starts coming through the door. Also, keep in mind I am pregnant so I have a heightened sense of smell. Security comes up again, we can't smell anything, even though we can smell it, and our friends can smell it too. They told us that it's probably the cleaning supplies they use in the rooms. SO...what you're telling me is that your cleaning supplies smell like pot??? I find that REALLY hard to believe. They told us that they can't knock on their door and find out unless they can smell it. OMG! They tell us that we should probably just change rooms. So, they upgrade us to another tower, and give us a room with a strip view. They also have to change our friends so that they are in the same tower with us. Our friends key won't work to their room, so they have to go to the front desk AGAIN! While they are at the front desk, Kenny is getting our room. He finally gets up to our room and realizes he has left his coat in the previous room. So, he has to call the front desk, who lets us know that they have already booked that room out. So at this point security has to go and get his coat out of the room. By the time all of this happens, it is now 8:00p.m. It has taken us 3 hours to get into our room. I didn't feel like the hotel staff was all that helpful, or apologetic. They just didn't seem to care at all. So...I think next time we'll just pony up the money and stay at The Signature.